Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Just an Update

I just wanted to write a quick note to tell you all that I am alive and well, inspite of the mess Kenya is in right now. I will write a long message in the next few days (everyone is waiting to use this computer at the moment), but... thank you all so much for your concern. I am really fine-- more heartbroken for Kenya than anything, really. Not much news on what will happen (to me, my program, etc.)-- for now, I am on lock down in Kericho at Marcus' house with 6 other volunteers. We'll be here at least until Jan 5th... who knows, after that.

More to come....

p.s. The six of us just firgured out how to make CornNuts using the 4kgs of dried maize we bought from the only open kiosk near Marcus' house (it was the last of one of the only things we could find). So.... yeah. That was the high point of our day. CornNuts are.... delicious. :)


Josembi said...

I also hope and pray that all will go well, and finally this nightmare in the history of kenya's politics will finally cease.

Stuart said...

Rosie, we are following events in Kenya so very closely and thinking of you. Thanks for this post. Keep a good journal, my love. You are a witness to history. xoxox dad