Thursday, January 3, 2008

I just won the Peace Corps lottery

Just got a call from our country director: they have decided to send me (and the 6 other volunteers I'm with), a group of 11 volunteers currently in Kisumu and another group of volunteers currently in Kakamega to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania for the next two weeks!

They chartered us a flight from Kericho to Kisumu tomorrow morning, then a direct flight from Kisumu to Dar es Salaam. We'll be there for the next two weeks to "decompress", our country director said. Amazing.

I know next to nothing about the city, other than it's on the coast and is beautiful. Again I say: amazing.

Peace Corps Tanzania is holding their in service training while we're there, so we are going to attend; other than that, I plan to work on my tan and my Kiswahili.

The ODM rally (scheduled for today) was postponed until January 8th-- I'm praying that things settle down in the next two weeks so that I can come back to the Kenya I used to know and get back to work.

PC isn't evacuating the whole country, just those of us here, in Kisumu and Kakamega. I think it'll be around 30 people.

Anyway... that's the update here. I'm feeling better. And worse. And excited. But not. At least we have a plan now. A plan that involves the beach.

Thank you all for your concern.... keep Kenya in your hearts (as I will). More to come.



M Parks said...

Civil unrest or the beach? I would say the beach sounds amazing, too. Although, it's all relative I guess : ). I am so glad you guys are OK... I really hope things work out for the country.

Jason said...


It's your cousin Jason here. Sharon and I have been thinking about you since the violence began and have been quite worried (as if we Appelbaum's need a valid reason to be worried, but in this case I think our concern is quite justified). Anyhow, I was relieved after reading your last posting that you are leaving the country for a while. I know you must miss the friends you made in Kenya, and you pointed out that the violence looks worse on tv (it almost always does), but still, it's way better to be safe than sorry in this case. We love you and look forward to your next posting. Take care and be safe.

Posey said...

Hi Hannah - another cousin on another continent also saying WHEW that you and your Kenyan family & friends are fine!

We'd love to see you whenever you want to come over.

Love, Posey, Andrew & Owen in London