Monday, November 26, 2007


Yayyy! Pictures!

It takes FOREVER to upload pics from this computer... but I'll do as many as I can before I go crazy. I'll do commentary, too, where necessary. Enjoy:) H

Sooooo, this making chapati. (Traditional Kenyan food. Kind of a cross between a tortilla and naan. Really greasy. Really tasty.) Mmmmmm.

This is Manu (Emanuel), my sister Emily's baby. He's not even a year old yet (December), but he is a big boy. Cutest kid in the world. We are friends. I know it looks like he's crying, but I swear, I didn't do it. He stopped crying right when I came. Really.

This is our boar hole (I talked about it in the most recent post). It looks a little sketchy here, but the water is crystal clear. I still filter and treat all my drinking water. So does my family. Except for Baba right then. :) He's alive and well, though. No pun intended.

Some community members who came for the clinic; Jackline, in the middle with the maroon head scarf, makes and sells porridge and nyoyo (maize and beans) for people who come.

A few community health workers (CHWs), not to be confused with commercial sex workers (CSWs). Sometimes I get those abrrevs. confused. It's really unfortunate when that happens. This is clinic the "reception" area.

This is the building where our clinic is held. The woman standing in the back is waiting to see the Dr. The arm sticking out in the middle is...a man talking to the nurse (where the meds are distributed). The lady in front is....pregnant. [Note: This is not the dispensary that I want to get built... this is a temporary structure that we're using. The "dispensary" as it stands now was behind me as I took this picture.]

This is the Rotary Drs.' magic time machine. Actually, it's just a car. But they do work magic...

The shamba crew, taking a photo break. From left: Resila, Helida, Conslata, Jen and Lilian (the chairlady of the women's group, Umer Women Against AIDS [UWAA], I work with). This pic was taken at about 7am. These are the strongest women I have ever met in my life. Have I mentioned that before? A few thousand times? They are wonderful.

Umer Primary School. This the better of their two classroom buildings. The students in the window are Standard 8 (8th grade) students. 10 of the 15 enrolled students in that grade are orphans.

The worse of the two classroom buildings. This classroom is supposed to be used for Standard 4 (4th grade). Yeah.

So... I was trying not to disrupt classes when I went to take these pictures. As you can see, I did very well. Right.

I think these are Standard 3-5 students. I told them to make a silly face. The kid on the far left is my favorite.

Ok. That's just the beginning... I'm off to go be productive for a bit. More pics and stories to come.




Stuart said...

Wow. You rock Hannah. I love your blogs whether or not bore hole is spelled correctly. Your posts are fantastic and, mom and I agree, extremely well written. xoxox

Josembi said...
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Josembi said...

(Talking about grammar, I decided to eliminate my previous post and cross check...)
Very beautiful pictures and a lovely gorgeous mama (at least to be). I can't imagine that you can make chapatis...thats awesome. Your blog is now my homepage. (a nice way to eat chapatis online.) uuuhhmmmm

Carolyn said...

HANNAH. I am LOVING reading your posts and seeing your amazing pictures!!! Your spark definately comes through in your writing! Still basically in awe of you and bragging about you to people hahah. Keep at it girl! You're the best.

ebs said...

Hannah, I think of you often and am so happy to read your postings and see pictures of you (I hope you're wearing sunscreen) and the community you are in. Yay Hannah!

Katelyn said...

Hannah- It is so good to see your smiling face! It seems like you are doing well and I want you to know that I think of you often. It is such a joy to know that my friend is doing something so amazing, that I could probably never even begin to comprehend. I love you and miss you! Hope you are safe and well.


matti said...

I love your pictures, Hannah. Specially the one with those incredible women. And the drinking water looks really... healthy. But if Baba drinks it...